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2022 Events

2021 Events

World Usability Day

Monthly Events

  • October - Information Research: The Art of the Mess (Nisreen Salka McConkie) - Recording, Slides
  • September - Accessibility 201 (Derek Featherstone) - Recording
  • August - It's Almost... Too Quiet: Adventures in Sound Design (Clint Ribble) - Recording
  • July - Adventures in Unicornism: Should Designers Learn to Code? (Everett McKay) - Recording
  • June - The Choosey User (Cal Ullinger) - Recording, Presentation Slides
  • May - Accessibility and Inclusive Design Management (Brian Parsons) - Presentation Slides
  • April - Work Smart, Not Hard (Adrienne Guillory) - Recording
  • March - Thinking Atomically with Insight-Based Research (Chris Varosy) - Recording
  • February - Designing a System with Object-Oriented UX (Ben Pappalardo) - Recording
  • January - Pathways into UX (Jamie Hronec, Greg Lovinski, Amma Odum, Lenora Porter, Eric Wiley) - Recording , Questions and Answers

2020 Events

World Usability Day (recordings)

Monthly Events

2019 Events

World Usability Day Conference - November 14, 2019

Monthly Events

World Usability Day 2018 - November 8, 2018

World Usability Day 2017 - November 9, 2017

World Usability Day 2016 - November 10, 2016

Product Design _ Organization Design- Two Sides of the Same Coin.pdf

Noah Schaffer UXPA Cleveland Executives - to share.pdf

March 2016 event - Digital Strategy in Healthcare & Enterprise Retail

World Usability Day 2015 - November 7, 2015

10/22/15 - PET Interviews
PET (Persuasion, Emotion and Trust) Interviews – Uncovering Customers’ Motivations - 
Ann Culp and Jeff Janis, Progressive UX Research consultants. Noah Schaffer, HFI instructor.

9/17/15 - Designing for Privacy
with Shawn Kenney with IBM Security and Brian Anderson with COX Communications

3/26/15 - Car UX

Joseph Prochaska Junior Industrial Design

Konnor Bartels  Senior Industrial Design

2/26/15 - Quick UX Research Tools

Quick UX Research Tools - Rachel Thayer and Danielle Best (Rosetta)

7/21/14 - UX Show & Tell/Conference Roundup 

UXPA Aug 21 Project Show _ Tell.ppt

IA Summit 2014 Redux - FINAL.pptx


3/11/14 - Small Screen, Big Ideas: How Mobile Designs Are Affecting Traditional Websites

Small Screen, Big Ideas - Kyle Curley

Presentation on SlideShare - Rachel Thayer, Danielle Best, Kyle Curley

2/27/14 - Introduction to Test Driven Development
(For Both Developers and Non- Developers)  

Introduction to Test Driven Development (For Both Developers and Non-Developers) -
Sarah Dutkiewicz

5/30/13 - Simplifying Your Approach to Usability –
A Website Redesign Story 

 Simplifying Your Approach to Usability – A Website Redesign Story  - Marc Majers (Hyland  Software)

10/17/11 - What Every Designer Needs to Know About People

 What Every Designer Needs to Know... - Dr Susan Weinschenk (User Experience Institute, LLC)

07/26/11 - Conference Roundup

IA Summit - Jason Richardson

Midwest UX 2011 - Jackie Weber (Rosetta)

UPA 2011 - Damon Herren (Metrics Marketing Group)

05/24/11 - Local Search Marketing Success

Local Search Marketing Success - Kurt Krejny, Joe Fox (Fathom Online Marketing)

01/20/11 - Determining Readability 

Determining Readability - Angela Colter (Electronic Ink)

11/11/10 - World Usability Day (Cleveland)

Personas at Work - Carol Smith (Midwest Research, LLC)

Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience - Linda G. Shea (Opinions Research Corp)

Prototyping for Success - Jason Wortman (Business Analyst Consultant)

Using Analytics to Improve Usability - Michael Helbling (Lands End)

Eye Tracking: Beyond the Heatmap - Cathy Zapata (Metrics Marketing Group)

How HTML 5 Strengthens UX - Parag Jagdale (Un-identified, LLC)
   (Best viewed in Firefox 3.6. Some display problems with older (non-HTML 5 friendly) browsers)

Subscribers, Fans and Followers: The Audience is Always Right - Jeff Rohrs (ExactTarget)

10/11/10 - Worst Practices in Web Usability

Worst Practices in Web Usability - Ben Woods (Eaton Corporation)


08/17/10 - Adaptive Interfaces, Live Video Help and More

Adaptive Interfaces, Live Video Help and More... - Marc Canter (Digital City)

07/20/10 - Designing for Tablet Users: The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm: Designing for Tablets - Daniel J. Young (DXY Solutions)

06/08/10 - Social media, the Customer Experience & 
Website Usability: Learning to Listen

Social media and customer experience - Dean Westervelt (Metrics Marketing Group)


04/28/10 - Meet Your Users: Learnings from the iPad, 
iPhone and Facebook

UX Designers, Meet Your Users - Chris Braunsdorf (Information Architect)

03/24/10 - Usability & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Usability and SEO - Kurt Krejny, Tom Cottrill, Matt Thompson, Cliff Karlin (Fathom SEO)


11/14/09 - World Usability Day 2009 (Cleveland)

WUD 2009 - NEOUPA opening - introduction slides - Cathy Zapata (NEOUPA President)

WUD 2009 - Keynote - Thinking Green - Joe Ferut (KSU, Ferut Architects)

WUD 2009 - Keynote - Biomimicry   - Stephanie Strong Corbett (Cuyahoga Community College)

Educating your organization about UX  - Chris Braunsdorf (PhotoWorks.com)

Surveying Your Website Visitors  - Tena Crock (Step2, LLC)

Value of UI Patterns for IT & Business  - Jeff Janis (Progressive Insurance)


10/20/09 - Remote Usability Studies

NEOUPA Remote Usability Studies - Jason Holmes & Aaron Rosenberg (American Greetings)

08/19/09 - Social Media & Web 2.0

         Introduction to Social Media   - Marci Hower (Metrics Marketing Group)

         Building Social Networks with Open Social  - Greg Svitak (Playaway)

         WTF 2.0  - Anthony Broad Crawford (Within3)

         4 Robot presentation  - Doug Hopkins (Rosetta)

06/17/09 - Designing for Small Spaces

         Designing for small spaces 6-17-09.pdf  - Daniel J. Young (DXY Solutions)

03/25/09 - Content Strategy: Discipline and Value Defined

Content Strategy Discipline and Value Defined.pdf - Stephanie Hale (Rosetta)

02/18/09 - Measuring User Enjoyment

          NEOUPA_hedonomic-evaluation.ppt - Lauren Murphy (Ernst & Young, LLP)

10/23/08 - Card Sorting vs. Texas Hold'em

NEOUPA Card Sorting presentation 10-23-08 - Cathy Zapatta, (Key Bank) &
                                                                    Jeff Janis, (Progressive Insurance)

9/25/08 - What We've Learned From Eye Tracking

Progressive Insurance and Eye tracking  - Todd Henry, (Progressive Insurance)

Eye Tracking and Usability - Aaron Rosenberg, (American Greetings)

8/26/08 - Conference Roundup 

Usability Professionals’ Association_v2.0.ppt - Bob Kreigh & David Marinelli, (Progressive Insurance)

South by SouthWest (Part 1)    South by SouthWest (Part 2) - Robert Massie, (Progressive Insurance)

IA Summer Institute - Nicole Capuana, (Progressive Insurance)


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