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UX Maturity Models: Your Pathway to Greatness

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Sherwin-Williams Hinckley Industrial Parkway Office 4780 Hinckley Industrial Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44109 - 200 Training Room



In-house User Experience practices are still a relatively new frontier for most companies. As a result, it's common for UX Teams to have bigger hurdles on the path to greater adoption and maturity as compared to other, long established functions (think Finance or Engineering). 

To maximize the impact of UX and effectively integrate the UX services you provide, it's helpful to assess the maturity of UX at your organization. Having a roadmap will enable you to better understand where to take action and improve, as well as help communicate a vision for where you'd like to get to. 

Join speakers Beth Williams and Ann Marie Bergman from Sherwin-Williams for an interesting, interactive session to learn about maturity models and why they are important. Engage in a discussion of the pros and cons of existing models and get a sneak peak at the model being used at Sherwin. If you don't leverage a specific maturity model, you'll walk away with foundational pieces to develop a maturity roadmap for your organization so you can better convey to stakeholders where you are and the direction you intend to take. 


6:00 - Food/Networking

6:30 - Presentation


Turn into the Visitor's Parking lot off of Hinckley Industrial Parkway and use the main entrance in the front of the building.

Overhead image of Sherwin William's Hinkley Building Visitor's Parking Lot

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