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About Us

Our History

Established in 2003, NEOUPA (pronounced knee-oh-puh) was the official Northeast Ohio chapter of the international Usability Professionals' Association (UPA). NEOUPA was started to educate, motivate and promote usability throughout Northeast Ohio for individuals interested in, involved in or responsible for websites, applications, software or any other type of user interface where usability is a key to success. In 2012, the UPA rebranded itself as the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). NEOUPA followed suit with its own rebranding to UXPA Cleveland in 2013.

Usability affects everyone – whether you’re building or in charge of a website or you are the actual user of the interface, if something is not usable, people simply are not going to use it or be satisfied with the experience. Thus, NEOUPA doesn’t attract only the usability, interaction designer or user experience professional, but it’s also designed for the creative designer, copywriter, software engineer, marketer, and business owner alike. It’s designed for individuals in many different types of roles who have one very important common goal – making things easier to use for the people who intend to use it.

So please, take a moment to check out the benefits of becoming a member today. Or, check out our upcoming events to meet other local usability advocates in the area and learn something new. We’re excited about the passion for usability in our community and enjoy the opportunity to provide a platform to share, support, collaborate and mentor. We hope to see you soon.

Board of Directors:

Jessica Becker
Joshua Randall
Kassandra Sikora

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